Advantages of Direct-to-Home Satellite TV as compared to Terrestrial Cable TV

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Tidak terkategori

With a transmitting satellite located at 22,000 miles above the earth in a Geostationary Earth Orbit, a Direct-to-Home Satellite all digital TV offers many advantages as compared to the conventional terrestrial Cable TV. The first one being its large earth coverage, the whole continental US can be served easily and installed quickly at relatively lower costs. The second advantage, it provides more all digital High Definition TV channels, 130 plus channels as compared to only 60 terrestrial cable TV channels, which may not all in High Definition format.

Third advantage point, Direct-to-Home Satellite TV as provided by the DIRECTV Satellite TV gives the customers more TV Programs than programs provided by its terrestrial cable TV competitors.

The forth advantage point is when a customer is moving his/her home from one state to another state, then the same DIRECT TV Satellite TV operator is available in view of its large coverage area. There will be no need to change to another TV Operator as may be the case of a terrestrial Cable TV operator.

Information on the Direct-to-Home Satellite TV provided by DIRECTV Satellite TV is available for the following States:

Many customers had chosen the Direct TV Satellite TV operator as their Direct-to-Home Satellite TV provider for many years because of their proven good and reliable operation, quick and prompt response to any complain that they may have. Others may had tried different Home TV providers, but at the end they finally decided that their best choice is the Direct-to-Home Satellite TV as provided by the DIRECTV Satellite TV operator.

In addition, Direct TV Satellite TV operator offers a 5 months free for its Premier Package of 265+ Channels Free, including 31 Premium movie channels.

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  2. Dan J says:

    Direct TV is a ripoff. I recently moved to a rental property where the landlord does not allow a satellite dish to be installed on the roof-top.The installers came out to the address and stated that that was the only place it could be installed, so we had to cancel the account due to the landlords rules. I talked with customer service, who in short told me that I would be charged a cancellation fee of up to $300.I told them that because the landlord will not allow the installation on the roof, and that this is out of my hands. The customer representative told me that they would still charge me a cancellation fee. I argued with the representative to no end, and nothing was solved. I found that after I shipped their satellite boxes back, they deducted $283.00from my bank account without my permission. This company does not believe in treating a customer with respect, but only believes in taking your money. It is my option that you should not do business with a company like this. Don’t get caught in their trap. As far as my rating goes, if there were a -20 stars I would rate them that way.

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