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The Financial Crisis which was started a year ago triggered by  the failure of the US Domestic Housing Loans has not seen an end yet, although Presdent Barack Obama Government has poured several Trillion US Dollars in rescue packages and stimulus packages up to this date. The cumulative total US Government Financial Deficit has reached almost US$ 10 Trillion.

Several private banks and financial institutions had declared bancruptcy and changed their ownership, mainly to the US Government as the majority shareholder. Several US Industry Sectors had similar experience, such as the Automotive Manfacturing Industry and others. General Motors and Ford Motor Company had asked financial rescue from the Government to maintain their production operation. Most of their production had greatly been reduced and follwed by the reduction of their employees.

Even giant Software Companies such as Microsoft Corporation which had never reduced its employees compulsorily during its long history had to do so by terminating some 5,000 employees recently to keep the company healthy during this financial crisis.

We as individuals can get a secure investment by purchasing gold coins and keep them in some safe places. They are much more secure than having savings in US Dollars or any other currencies that could change its real value in a short time during a financial crisis. Similarly, investments in public or private stocks are considered much less secure as compared to gold coins.

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Other type of gold investment instrumen that people commonly buy and keep is in the form of bullion , which we can also buy bullion from the same reference website.